Admin and Operations Committee

We work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly!

Admin and Operations Commmittee

Back (from left): Lim Qi Jun Andrew, Lim Si Heng, Ng Wee Hong Brendan, Lim Jia Yin, Poon Wynne Hsing

Front (from left): Guang Yu, Jazlynn Tan Xiu Min



Recreational Activities Committee (ReAct)

We plan and carry out your recreational activities. We can’t wait to reveal what we have in store for you!

Recreational Activities Commmittee

Back (from left): Justin Zheng Zeyong, Richard Xiong Jun Wei, Peng Genyi

Front (from left): Charmaine Goh, Sim Yew Chong, Jian Ruiying



Science Activities Committee (SciAct)

By partnering with NTU and other industries, we hope to give you the inspiration to innovate!

Science Activities Commmittee

Back (from left): Lu Jinyao, Peh Chong Hern, Cody Tan Zheng Hao, Yang Junhui

Middle (from left): Gwyneth Kong, Xu Yuhan

Front: Pay Tianle



Media and Publications Committee

We are the filmmakers, photographers and writers who work to bring you memories of ISYF!

Media and Publications Committee

From left: Ting Wei Sea Mavis, Cindy Ow, Van Dan Thu, Ang Zheng Yong, Shou Meng Yu, Joshua Cheng Xuan En



Nobel Dialogue and Masterclass Committee

We coordinate your interactions with eminent scientists and Nobel Laureates from around the world!

Nobel Dialogue and Masterclass Committee

From left: Ramesh Yoheshwer, Clare Cheong Wei Zhen, Tran Thuy Dung, Ashley Sherphen Liang, Emily Haw, Weng Yuhan, William Kin Wei Ci



Ceremony Committee

We plan the main event, the Grand Ceremony Nobel Forum as well as the Closing Ceremony to make ISYF a success!

Ceremony Committee

Back (from left): Mathias Tan Zong Ze, Chiang Yan Qi, Guo Aiyun, Bi Jiaming

Front (from left): Kho Tze Jit, Chan Zhuo Yang