ISYF hopes to benefit not only students, but also educators in Science.

The key objectives of ISYF are to:

Inspire Passion for Science Amongst Youth

ISYF aims to provide high-ability students with opportunities to be engaged in Science. To inspire students, the Nobel Laureates and other eminent scientists will speak on their life experiences. This will create greater awareness among the youth about the importance of broad-based knowledge, keen curiosity, relentless tenacity and a global outlook in the pursuit of scientific excellence. Participants will also have opportunities to discuss their own research with fellow students from different countries and take part in hands-on science activities.

Establish Cooperation and Friendship Amongst Young Science Talents

Students will have many opportunities to interact and form strong bonds with one another. Activities are designed to promote mutual co-operation, understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, and at the same time spark a common passion for science and research.

Build Capacities of Science Educators

Through professional sharing, training workshops, as well as networking with scientists and among Science educators, ISYF helps build the competencies of teachers. It will also serve as a valuable opportunity for schools to establish and develop close ties with one another and to explore the possibility of future collaborations.

Raise Singapore’s Profile as an International Hub for Science Education and Research

Through visits to research institutions and interaction with eminent researchers, ISYF introduces participants to Singapore’s plan to be on the leading edge of scientific learning and research.