Packing List


S/N Item Quantity Remarks
1 School-based formal attire with accompanying accessories
(tie, blazer, collar pin etc.)
1 set For Poster Competition Finals, Poster Exhibition, Nobel Forum
For schools without such attire, please dress in school uniform for the above occasions.
2 Formal footwear
(black leather shoes + black socks for males and court shoes for females)
1 set For Poster Competition Finals, Poster Exhibition, Nobel Forum
3 Formal attire (gowns/suits) and suitable shoes 1 set For Closing Ceremony
4 Ethnic costume 1 set Strongly encouraged for Cultural Exhibition
5 Pants/Jeans/Bermudas that cover knees 1 pair For wearing with ISYF T-shirts during Amazing Race
6 Long pants or jeans 2 pairs For wearing with ISYF T-shirts during excursions
7 Casual clothing: T-shirt and shorts 5 sets or as required Night wear
8 School uniform 2 set Attire for Day 4 and Day 5
For schools without uniforms, please dress in smart casual attire for these two days.
9 Covered shoes (comfortable for walking long distances) 1 pair For day activities
10 Slippers or sandals 1 pair For night wear and shower area
11 Bath towel At least 1
12 Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.) As required
13 Undergarments As required
14 Socks As required
15 Photocopy of Passport
(for foreign participants)

Photocopy of NRIC or EZ-Link
(for local participants)

1 For checking in
16 EZ-Link card
(for local participants)
1 For transport during ISYF
17 Cash As required For personal use
18 Small padlock 1 To lock up valuables
19 International Adaptor/230V G-plug
(for foreign participants)
1 To plug in electrical appliances
(e.g. handphone charger)
20 Poster (Hardcopy softback and softcopy in PDF format) and tube carrier As required For Research Poster Competition and Poster Exhibition
21 Personal medication As required
22 Stationery (notebook, pen, etc.) As required For Note-taking
23 Umbrella 1 For wet weather (common in Singapore)
24 Hat / Cap / Sunscreen / Sunglasses Recommended For sun protection, especially during Amazing Race
25 Jacket / Sweater / Windbreaker Optional For air-conditioned venues
26 Face mask (e.g. N95 masks) Optional In case of hazy conditions
27 Hangers Optional For hanging clothes in rooms, especially formal attire
28 Small towel Optional For after physical activities
29 Laptop and storage device Optional For Cultural Hour materials
30 Camera Optional To capture precious memories
31 Charger for electronic devices As required
32 Souvenirs Optional For exchange with other students


  • Please check that your passport is valid for at least six months (beyond 21st July 2017).
  • Every participant will be given 3 different coloured ISYF T-shirts, and participants will be instructed to wear specific colours on the first 3 days of the forum. Participants may wish to wear their school uniforms on the fourth and fifth mornings of the forum.
  • It is recommended that you bring some inexpensive souvenirs for exchange with other students (eg. school badges etc.)
  • Please remember to change your currency into SGD prior to departure or upon arrival in Singapore.
  • The Hwa Chong Institution Boarding school does not provide toiletries and adapters. Do be reminded to bring your own.
  • Singapore uses 230V G-plug. Do check your adapter prior to the forum.
  • Toiletries and snacks can be brought based on your own discretion. Please ensure these comply with airport regulations, especially if they are part of hand-carry luggage (Containers of volume <100ml for liquid substances).
  • Please also be reminded to bring materials for Cultural Hour and Cultural Exhibition as required.