ISYF 2017 Main Theme

ISYF Theme: Innovation for a Better Life

Since the new millennia, the world has evolved beyond the wildest dreams of our ancestors. We have unprecedented technology at our fingertips, and a tremendous potential to do even greater things ahead. The catalyst for this is none other than innovation. Innovation is the imagining of things yet unseen. Innovation is the lens that allows us to see new value in our existing designs and creations. Above all, innovation is the key to unlock a better life – for all of us, and generations to come.

It is for this very purpose that ISYF 2017 has been designed, to bring together the hive of scientific minds so that the seeds of innovative thinking can be sown in the hearts and minds of the young participants. Through this platform, they will glean first-hand knowledge from the Nobel Laureates and other eminent scientists, be inspired by their arduous journeys, and most importantly, begin to imagine the boundless possibilities that lie ahead of them.


ISYF 2017 Sub-Themes

Sub Theme: The blueprints of Innovation

The beauty and value of the Masterclasses is to demonstrate to young participants how great scientific ideas are conceived and brought to life. As the name implies, it tells the real stories about the processes of conceptualization, research and application behind each of these innovative ideas.

Nobel Forum
Sub Theme: Innovation creates new potential

The process of innovation is daunting, oftentimes fraught with unknown obstacles and failures. Through this Nobel Forum, we invite these eminent scientists to openly discuss how, when encountering such obstacles and failures, this process helps them to construct a stronger intellectual framework and creates new potential for evaluative thinking.

Sub Theme: Innovation as the key to a better life

This session provides young participants to discuss in greater depth, how science and innovation can lead the way to solve some of the world’s present challenges. In the quest for a better life, for us and for generations to come, the role of the scientific community is ever more crucial. With innovation as the key, it will break down barriers and open new possibilities – providing mankind with even more resources for a brighter future.